Irene Herrera

Irene Herrera

VJ + documentary filmmaker

Roving video journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Asia-Pacific. Often covering Latin America as well. Eng-Spa-Jpn-Por-Fra spoken.

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The Inner Healer for Airbnb

I believe that health results from inner peace you can find through diet, exercise, and emotional balance. I'll share my health tips and take you to places that will help you achieve them.

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Way of Tea for Airbnb

With Kaori as your host, you’ll learn the calming art of hospitality and manners by observing, partaking in, and conducting your own traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Also you'll learn about Japanese food by KAISEKI Style which is a part of tea ceremony.

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Lay Down Tracks for Airbnb

Experience life as a DJ in one of the world's most exciting cities. Meet club owners in the Roppongi district; create a DJ set list or song in my studio; and join me as a VIP guest at a party.

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Speed Artist for Airbnb

Experience the Tokyo art scene as only true insiders do. Explore the Shinjuku district, visit local studios, see a live painting performance, and create your own Tokyo-inspired art piece.