Irene Herrera

Irene Herrera

VJ + documentary filmmaker

Roving video journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Asia-Pacific. Often covering Latin America as well. Eng-Spa-Jpn-Por-Fra spoken.

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Student protest leader doubts officials will talk | MSNBC

Alex Chow, secretary general of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, doubts officials will come to the negotiating table after canceling talks last week, but says Hong Kong protesters will stay.

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The last of the Hong Kong protesters | MSNBC

The number of demonstrators within Hong Kong’s pro-democracy “Umbrella Revolution” has dwindled dramatically since reaching its highs of thousands. Meet the last of the protesters who refuse to back down.

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Inside Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests | MSNBC

After several days of mostly peaceful protests, demonstrators in the Mong Kok neighborhood of Hong Kong clash with neighbors, who disagree with their tactics.