Irene Herrera

Irene Herrera

VJ + documentary filmmaker

Roving video journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Asia-Pacific. Often covering Latin America as well. Eng-Spa-Jpn-Por-Fra spoken.

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Taxi Drivers in Hong Kong divided over Occupy Central

As Hong Kong's Occupy Central hits a second week, transportation drivers throughout the city are slowly losing patience as the city's traffic remains chaotic. Some drivers however are willing to put up with heavy traffic and long hours in support of the movement.

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Teenage activists stand up to Beijing

Agnes Chow is only 17. She's not old enough to vote or drive but she is actively participating in Hong Kong's student political movement. Back in 2012, Scholarism, the activist group where she has taken the role as spokesperson, was one of the first pressure groups to fight back the implementation of the Moral and National education curriculum in schools. The group, convened by Joshua Wong, claimed it did not have the purpose of developing students' critical thinking but rather create affection and a sense of patriotism towards China. Even though these teenagers were toddlers when Hong Kong was handed back to China, unafraid of Beijing they will not give up their fight for direct and open elections in 2017.

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As nuclear plant set to restart skeptical citizens rally in opposition

On September 23rd, protesters rallied around Kameido Park to opposed the planned restart of the Sendai nuclear plant in Kagoshima prefecture, Kyushu. Skeptical Japanese citizens continue to push towards an energy policy change that will definitely end Japan's dependence on nuclear energy.

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Venezolana en Kenia afirma que los habitantes retoman su rutina | Globovisión

El pasado sábado se registró un asalto a un centro comercial en Kenia, por grupo terrorista de la milicia islamista somalí Al Shabab. Este martes los habitantes de esta localidad “ya están volviendo a su rutina cotidiana y la tensión parece haber disipado”, así lo informó Irene Herrera, periodista venezolana en este país.

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Tras el terremoto que sucedió hoy en la tarde en Japón | Globovisión

Venezolana en Japón da cuenta de la situación de su entorno luego del terremoto y el tsunami.

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Miami students rally to oppose immigration bills

On March 28th, Miami students rallied near from the Freedom Tower through Little Havana to the Miami Dade College Interamerican Campus with the aim of protesting against pending immigration bills in the State of Florida.

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12 Cameras | The Vwa Fanm Project

Life isn't easy for Haitian migrants living in the Dominican Republic. Many of them women and mostly undocumented, they are easy targets for trafficking and exploitation, and face the constant fear of deportation. But, given a digital camera and an audio recorder to document their stories of hope and struggle, some of the women have begun to find a stronger voice for themselves.

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Women in Refuge: Stories from a Border

This documentary features the issues faced by women who have had to flee Colombia’s conflict and have sought asylum in Venezuela. The film weaves together testimonies of the women themselves and informative interviews of priests, NGO workers and government officials to provide a broader perspective on this often underreported issue.
In association with the Jesuit Refugee Service in Venezuela, 2009. Total Running Time: 32 minutes

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Rotten Girls

An exploration of female otaku -- known as fujoshi -- in the city of Tokyo as they confess their preference for a homoerotic fantasy culture.

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Spirits to Enlightenment

Monk Yoshinobu Fujioka has found a way to continue diffusing the ancient word of Buddha by bridging the gap between the sacred and the secular at his bar in Tokyo, Japan.

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Irene Herrera discusses Vwa Fanm: The Women's Voices Project

Irene Herrera discusses the Vwa Fanm Project produced during a professional residency at at the Knight Center for International Media in 2009.

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You Can Call Me Nikkie

Identity is not always the subject of doubt. Nikkie, a transgendered Filipino sex worker living in Tokyo recounts the sculpting of her identity with an audacious trust in her true self.

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The Global Lives Project

The Global Lives Project is a collective of filmmakers, producers, artists and creators who have come together to collaboratively build a video library of human life experience that reshapes how we conceive cultures, nations and people outside of our own communities. This short video gives a preview of the 24 hour documentary featuring a day in the life of Jamila Jad, a 9-year old Palestinian girl born from a Palestinian father and a Lebanese mother in the refugee camp of Shatila in the heart of Beirut.

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My Private Tokyo | NHK World

This week Irene Herrera visits Moto-Azabu on My Private Tokyo for NHK World's Tokyo Eye

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Makumbi Visitation High School

Makumbi Visitation is a Jesuit-run, Catholic High School belonging to the Archdiocese of Harare, Zimbabwe. The school is situated about 50km from the capital city, along the Domboshava road.